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Is Flashcards Club free?

Flashcards Club is totally free to use via our website at www.flashcardsclub.com .  You can download the Flashcards Club app for android (smartphone/tablet) on Google Play or for ios (iphone/ipad) on the App Store for $3.99 - a one time fee to help with costs. To find the app, just search for "flashcardsclub". If this is a hardship for you, please contact us for a free download coupon.


Is there a recurring subscription fee required to use Flashcards Club website/app features?

No!  There are no recurring subscription fees to use any of the features on the Flashcards Club website/app.


How many flashcard sets can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of Public flashcard sets, and 2 Private flashcard sets - no special fees involved!  You can delete a Private flashcard set when you don't need it anymore, and then create a new Private flashcard set (i.e. up to 2 flashcard sets at one time). 


Can I create Private flashcard sets that are just for me, not shared with the community?

Yes, you can create up to 2 private flashcard sets at one time - when you delete one, it opens up another private flashcard set that you can create.  Private flashcard sets are especially great when it's for a speech - e-cards rather than paper flashcards!


What is the difference between a Public Flashcard set and a Private flashcard set?

A Public flashcard set is available for other members to view/play, and searchable in the search tool.  A Private flashcard set is just for you.


How many flashcards can each flashcard set have?

You can up to 2,000 flashcards in Public flashcard sets, and up to 20 flashcards in Private flashcard sets.


Can I include photos on flashcards?

Yes!  On Flashcards Club website/app you can create flashcards with photos - as well as with text, videos, and audio!


What kind of content can I put on flashcards?

On each flashcard side you can choose to add a combination of text, photo, video, and audio.


Can I play/view flashcards of a set in subsets?

Yes! On the flashcards set page (and on the Mixed Stack page too!), you can choose which flashcard position to start/stop, to show flashcards that have certain terms in the question or answer, as well as choose a maximum number of flashcards to show.  You can choose to show flashcards in order, or shuffle them in random.  You can also choose to play/view flashcards based on your rating on each - yes/maybe/no.


Can I rate flashcards as "know it"/"kind of know it"/"don't know it" and then play/view these in piles?

Yes!  On each flashcard - whether viewed as cards you flip through or all on a page via the View as Document feature - you can rate as "yes" (checkmark button, i.e. "know it"), as "maybe" (squiggly line button, i.e. "kind of know it"), or no (x button, i.e. "don't know it").  On the flashcards set page and the Mixed Stack page you can choose which piles you want to play/view based on this rating, and also whether you have rated or not rated cards yet.


Can I combine Flashcard sets?

Yes! To combine flashcard sets and view together via the "Play" or "View as Document" buttons, just click on the "Add To Mixed Stack" link on the flashcards set page.  Your Mixed Stack sets are listed on your "Mixed Stack" page, which can be accessed under the top menu Activity tab on the website, or from the right side menu on the app.  On the Mixed Stack page you can choose which flashcard sets to include at any time by checkmarking/uncheckmarking it there, as well as remove sets from your Mixed Stack by clicking on the "Remove" link.


Can I use Flashcards Club on the website and on the app, with the same account and access my content in both places?

Yes!  Your account and data are synced with any device on which you use the Flashcards Club website/app.


How can I join?

You can sign up by creating a username / password, or click on the Facebook or Google login buttons to connect via your accounts there, respectively.  If you choose to sign up via Facebook or Google, a username will be created by your account's name, possibly with some numbers after it if needed.  A password will also be created automatically and emailed to you, so that you cal login with it later if you want.  You can also login again later via the Facebook or Google login buttons.

Join online at www.flashcardsclub.com or on the Google Play app or App Store app (just search for "flashcardsclub").


Got a question not listed? Please contact us!