New Flashcards Club Feature: Batch Upload/Create Flashcards with Import Via CSV Tool!

We have released a new feature to the Flashcards Club website and android/ios apps to make it even easier and faster to create flashcards – the Import Via CSV tool!  With this tool, you can upload/create thousands of text flashcards in seconds with your CSV file.

What’s a CSV file?  It’s just a fancy – but accurate! – name for a text file that you save as “.csv”. CSV stands for “comma-separated values”.  In this case, we are not separating flashcard content for each side/card by commas, but just a new line.  This way, you are free to add as many commas on a flashcard side as you want.  We have easy intructions on the CSF file format on the Import Via CSV page, namely:

Format: Each side of the flashcard should be on one line, with the next side of the flashcard on the next line, and flashcards separated by an empty line.
[Card 1 Enter Question Here]
[Card 1 Enter Answer Here]
[nothing on this line]
[Card 2 Enter Question Here]
[Card 2 Enter Answer Here]
[nothing on this line]

You can choose whether the first line is the question or the answer ion the Import Via CSV tool.  (Don’t enter the brackets [] unless you want them displayed on your flashcards)

Easy peasy, right?!  You can create your CSV file on a text program such as Notepad, and just save your file as a “.csv” file.

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